Personalize your cheques to meet your needs.
Our personal cheques are the most popular range of cheques we provide. All our personal cheques use state-of-art technology that meet the specifications of the Canadian Payment Association CPA Standard
High Security Personal Cheque


Actual Cheque

Product Details
(7 security features without Hologram)

Each cheque book is ordered numerically and comes with a cheque register booklet, so that you can record all the details of every cheque you write, including the date, amount, who it was issued to. They are the perfect choice when you’re on the go, easily fitting into your purse, briefcase, or even your back pocket.

Single cheque price:
100 cheque (2 books).......$40,
200 cheque (4 books).......$65
400 cheque (8 books).......$105,
500 cheque (10 books).....$125
1000 cheque (20 books)......$199

Duplicate cheque price:
100 cheque (4 books).......$79,
200 cheque (8 books).......$119