Looking for a stamp? The shop offers a wide range of stamps to suit all your needs . Customized stamps with your own text or logo. Many other types of stamps are available, such as date stamps, numbering stamps. We also provide replacement ink pads to further extend the life of your stamp. Many of the stamps are easy to use self-inking rubber stamps.
we also supply a range of pre-inked stamps, stamp accessories, embossing seals as well

Shiny Self Inking Stamp

Large Size
Round Stamp
Medium Size

S 510 $38

S 520 $39

S 841 $39

S 842 $43

S 843 $47

S 844 $53

S 846 $57

S 831 $48

S 827 $63

S 833 $65

S 837 $65

S 829 $67

S 830 $69

S 310 $45

R512 $38

R517 $42

R532 $63

R542 $68

R552 $80

Small Size

S 820 $38

Choice from: Black, Blue, Red, Green & Purple

How to refill self inking stamp

Self-inking stamps have an internal ink pad that wets the rubber die with ink after each use. the ink colour usually is black, blue , red, purple or green, even more for some brands, fromtime to time, the ink pad can run low or dry out, To refill the ink pad, press the stamp dowm slightly, usually less than a quarter of an inch, Push the ink pad out from the back of the stamp to the front with your index finger. Pull it the remainder of the way out of the front. Keep the ink pad horizontal. Drip five or six drops directly onto the pad. The procedure for refilling the stamper will vary slightly depending on the individual stamper model, but the basic process isthe same for most stampers. Leave the pad for a few minutes, press the stamp down slight, same position as you pushed the pad out, then push the refilled pad back to the position, make sure the same position before you pushed out the pad. That’s it!